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An interest group (IG) is confirmed on a group of individuals who are seeking to formally colonize with Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority. This status allows for interest groups to hold the necessary interest meetings and perform service projects under the sorority name. Interest groups have a specific time period to work under this status to formally petition for colony/reactivating chapter status with the sorority. Below are guidelines for being designated a Gamma Sigma Sigma Interest Group:

Apply for Official Interest Group (IG) Status
  1. An Interest Group must consist of at least two(2) people in order to apply for this status.
  2. An Interest Group MUST complete the Interest Group Roster Form and receive Official Recognition from the Alumni Director before they are allowed to operate as an Interest Group of Gamma Sigma Sigma.
  3. An Interest Group is allowed to do the following:
    • conduct necessary interest meetings to gain the needed interest to formally petition
    • conduct service projects and fundraisers
  4. The official title of the Interest Group will be “The (insert name) Interest Group of Gamma Sigma Sigma”
  5. An official Interest Group will be allowed to attend sorority-sponsored events such as Conferences and Spirit Days. The sorority will NOT, however, disperse any Travel Pool funds for these groups.
  6. The Alumni Director will be responsible for tracking and staying in constant contact with all Interest Groups.
Please contact the National Alumni Director using the "Contact Us" form with any additional questions or concerns.