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Gamma Sigma Sigma commits to creating and engaging in opportunities to serve on campuses and in the community to address local, national, and global needs.



Gamma Sigma Sigma’s vision is for members to demonstrate the capacity for and lifelong commitment to service and leadership.



Gamma Sigma Sigma values unity, leadership, diversity, partnership, and compassion.

Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority was founded by six organizations:  Alpha Gamma Chi, Booster Squad of Brooklyn College, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Omega Service Sorority, Phi Gamma and the Women’s Service Organization.

In October 1952, representatives met for the Constitutional Convention at Beekman Towers in New York City. During the weekend, the group decided on a name, colors, and the first charters were given to the schools in attendance. October 12, 1952 is recognized as the national Founder's Day of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority.

While many sororities and fraternities attribute their founding notable individuals, Gamma Sigma Sigma recognizes its founding schools. Margaret Zimmerman, second National President said, “We recognized that it took many people....” All those in attendance on the final day of the Constitutional Convention are recognized as the founding schools.

The following colleges and universities are designated as the founding schools of Gamma Sigma Sigma:

University of Houston (Alpha Chapter),
Brooklyn College (Beta Chapter),
Los Angeles City College (Gamma Chapter),
New York University (Delta),
Boston University (Epsilon Chapter),
Drexel Institute of Technology (Zeta Chapter),
and Queens College (Theta Chapter).

Eta Chapter was reserved for the group at the University of Miami who did not attend the last day of convention, and later joined as Upsilon Chapter in 1958.

“… social sororities still were limiting membership in their groups by race, religion, personality, etc. We were interested in starting a sorority, which would be open to all women without prejudice of any sort. Service was to be the worthwhile endeavor that would be the rock upon which friendship and equality was built,” Barbara Van Scriver Ferraro, First National President, said.

More than sixty-five years later, the Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority, continues to make an enormous impact on campuses and communities nationwide, carrying on a tradition of Unity in Service while celebrating its golden milestone. Each year, sorority members contribute thousands of hours to unlimited projects across the country, reporting millions of hours throughout its history. 

Today, we’re several thousand members strong with active collegiate and alumni chapters, colonies and interest groups in nine United States districts -- and growing. New member-in-training classes are held each semester on campuses everywhere, and new colonies and chapters appear annually. 

After graduation, alumni members continue to serve on their own in their communities or in alumni chapters. Many alumni continue to serve the national organization as well, in roles on the National Board of Directors, National Staff, and as advisors to collegiate and colony members.

Gamma Sigma Sigma National Sorority is incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the state laws of Pennsylvania.  Since Gamma Sigma Sigma is incorporated, chapters/colonies are required to conform to the National Bylaws and policies of the sorority listed in The Staff. The primary decision-making and policy-setting body for the sorority is the National Convention.  The National Convention meets biennially, in odd-numbered years, and includes representatives from collegiate and alumni chapters and colonies as well as alumni-at-large that choose to attend.