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White rose Foundation

Why was it created?

It was created to allow for members and non-members to be able to donate in Gamma Sigma Sigma’s name and receive tax-deductible benefits. It had been an idea of the sorority for some time as people have wanted to donate in memory of members who had passed away but had no way to do so.

Who can donate?

Anyone can donate, either member or nonmember. Donations can also come from chapters or other organizations.

How is the donated money used?

The money will be used for scholarships/grants for Gamma Sigma Sigma members/chapters to attend service related workshops, go on service trips and execute special service projects. In addition, donations may be given to special projects and organizations in the name of Gamma Sigma Sigma, such as disaster relief.

Can people outside of GSS donate?

Anyone can donate, especially in honor of a member.

How can I apply for a scholarship/grant?

At this time, we are unable to accept applications, as we need to build our treasury with donations first. Hopefully, applications can be accepted by Spring 2020.