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Fall 2020 Sorority Operations


It is important that everyone remain safe and healthy during these times. The motion presented to the NBD and unanimously voted in favor of by the National Board of Directors states the following:

Motion to suspend monetary and in-kind donation limits as outlined in the service standardization until December 31, 2020.

We strongly suggest that chapters discuss temporarily suspending the chapter service hour requirements and reduce them to the minimum requirement per the national bylaws of 15 hours. The National Service Director, Lauren Virdure, and Service Committee have offered many suggestions of virtual related service to assist in satisfying the basic hour requirements. One of the more recent suggestions is the annual Alex’s Million Mile fundraiser. Lauren states, “I just wanted to share with you some socially distanced service project recommendations from the service committee and myself. The attached list is based on our National Service Partners and how we can best serve with them at this time. I've been receiving questions on what can be done due to the pandemic, and I hope that this is helpful for members while they are brainstorming!

Also, The Million Mile is coming up in September and I would like to encourage all members to register their teams and participate! There will be a virtual Million Mile event on September 26th and it would be great for our membership to get involved. Our ALSF rep has volunteered her contact information for anyone that may have questions as well: Christie Fischer ( For the virtual marathon:

Again, the NBD strongly recommend leniency in service hours probation due to the pandemic. As stated in the Spring 2020 operations communication, feel free to utilize parallel projects as well to collect group hours (at least 2 people doing the same type of service project even though they are not physically in the same place.)

For example: Sally Sig (Omega Omega chapter) is volunteering with a local organization that will provide water and toilet tissue supplies to the elderly. Gina Gamma (Omega Omega chapter) wants to participate in the project also but she is only able to do so on the weekends. Sally Sig invites the Gamma Omega chapter to volunteer also but only 3 members are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sally Sig volunteers 2 hours each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Gina Gamma volunteers 3 hours each on Saturday and Sunday. The 3 members from Gamma Omega volunteer 3 hours each on Tuesday and Thursday. The total hours for the group project are 30 hours (12 hours Omega Omega chapter, 18 hours Gamma Omega Chapter) with 5 participants from 2 different chapters. Because 2 different chapters have participated, this is also considered an inter-chapter activity.