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Fall 2020 Sorority Operations

MIT Periods

All chapters that intend to have Fall 2020 Member In Training intake need to notify their District Director/Membership Director to obtain permission in lieu of submitting the MIT request form which normally requires signatures from college/university personnel.

IMPORTANT! This will only be allowed if your campus allows for MIT Intake as some have already informed us and deemed their respective campus will not entertain a Fall 2020 Intake period!

The enrollment verification form is critical during this period of virtual enrollment whether in whole or in part. This form still remains a requirement of all chapters having intake. Electronic signatures WILL be accepted. In an effort to circumvent potential communication issues/errors, I have taken the liberty to email all collegiate & colony advisors to assess each university’s response to assisting our chapters with the completion of the enrollment verification form. Should an institution not be able to assist in enrollment verification, we have compiled additional verification methods that can be instituted should there be an issue.

Colonies and chapters will still need to send flyers & social media campaigns for approval to their respective DD/MD for approval prior to posting to social media/campus. Several members of the NBD are working together to develop templates to assist in the virtual education of potential members to streamline the MIT period.

The materials fee ($25), membership fees ($50) and travel pool assessment ($20) for each individual MIT in the total amount of $95 will still need to be collected by the chapter. At the beginning of the MIT period, the materials fee ($25) will be collected and submitted with the initial MIT roster via the national website. The Staff pg. 76 states, “10. Membership fees are non-refundable. Each member-in-training will pay a $25 non-refundable fee that is forwarded to the National Treasurer within the first week of the member-in-training program. Included with payment will be the member-in-training roster and signed Standard Policy of Risk Management policy. Membership Fees and Travel Pool assessments shall be collected from all MITs (members-in-training) and forwarded to the National Treasurer at the time of MIT Induction into a collegiate chapter/colony.”

Chapters will need to be sure to separate their chapter members’ national dues from the MITs’ national dues. Rosters for each will need to be submitted along with the payment via the national website. For example: The Gamma Sigma chapter has 14 members and 6 MITs. The chapter will submit a chapter roster via the national website with all 14 members names and information along with $980 (14 members x $70 each). On November 1st, the Gamma Sigma chapter submits their final MIT roster with 6 names and information along with $420 (6 members x $70) to activate their new members.

For chapters whose bank account is held through their college/university, be proactive. Now is the time to begin having conversations with your school’s finance department to find out what steps must be taken to initiate payment for national dues on behalf of the chapter to nationals. This will help to alleviate issues in the future surrounding late submission of dues and/or delays in dues payments.

All chapters will need to activate their MITs no later than Sunday November 1st in order to streamline the submission and collection of national dues. A virtual celebration of all newly activated members from Fall 2020 will take place tentatively on November 14th and be streamed via our social media platforms. There will be more information to come as time draws nearer.