Technology Policy

Member/Chapter Website Development Procedures for Chapters

The following guidelines are established for the protection of Gamma Sigma Sigma, its members and its chapters. The guidelines are intended to assist each chapter in developing and maintaining a site that ensures a positive image of Gamma Sigma Sigma, the chapter, and its members.

Chapter Websites Will

  • Be used to positively promote Gamma Sigma Sigma, our values, and ideals.
  • Be linked to Gamma Sigma Sigma’s Website
  • Promote a positive image of the local chapter and of Gamma Sigma Sigma and, where applicable, the college or university where a chapter is located.
  • Include appropriate email addresses for comments, questions and suggestions.
  • Be monitored occasionally by Gamma Sigma Sigma’s National Webmaster for adherence to current rules and procedures. Chapters will receive 1 warning including a request to close other sites. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension of activities until resolved. The National Organization can assist in resolving with companies if you no longer have access or do not have passwords.
  • Adhere to all Gamma Sigma Sigma guidelines and policies regarding publicity and print materials, particularly with regard to the use of Gamma Sigma Sigma’s marks.
  • Be periodically updated with special attention given to any time-sensitive information.
  • Adhere to National rules.
  • Comply with all Panhellenic rules regarding the publishing of Recruitment details or schedules.

Chapter Websites Will Not

  • Include any copyrighted materials, including photographs, from other sources, or any trademarks owned by third parties without proper authorizations.
  • Include information about the following:
    • The Rituals of Gamma Sigma Sigma
    • Phone numbers/addresses of members
    • Phone numbers/addresses of advisors
    • Phone numbers/addresses of sorority house or other facilities housing chapter members
  • Contain content considered to be defamatory, offensive, or harassing, or any comments or images that would offend on the basis of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, or disability.
  • Be used for the posting of any type of electronic chain letter.
  • Be used to put down another member or organization.
  • It is incumbent on the individual member of Gamma Sigma Sigma to use personal websites/homepages appropriately with regard to any reference to the sorority or any sorority information that is included in one’s personal site. The above chapter guidelines are appropriate cautions for personal sites. Use caution in linking to other sites and check all of your links periodically.

Violation of any of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action for one or more individuals or for the chapter. 

*Gamma Sigma Sigma reserves the right to revise this policy at any time. Chapter compliance will be expected with appropriate prior notification. Gamma Sigma Sigma also reserves the right to remove inappropriate language or pictures from this website or any social media site.

Member Internet/Email Guidelines

If you are using email at work, be sure you know what your employer’s policy is regarding personal use. Be cautious about conducting personal electronic communications at work. Understand that you may have no expectation of privacy. Your employer may reserve the right to access your email for business purposes or others may inadvertently view your messages. Exercise good judgment in posting all email messages. Take the time to create a new message when responding to email messages. This eliminates the possibility of any confidential information being inadvertently shared or forwarded by your message recipient. Check your software to see if you can disable the inclusion of an original message from a reply.

  • Make hard copies of any information that you may need in the future.
  • Always sign your email.
  • Check your email frequently and respond in a timely manner. Don’t rely on email for time-sensitive messages.
  • Think twice before forwarding jokes, trivia, etc. Many people deal with massive numbers of email messages and do not appreciate receiving this type of message, especially in the workplace.
  • Much of the material available on the Internet is protected by copyright. Ease of copying or downloading material does not mean that you are authorized to do so. Be informed about copyright laws. Refrain from illegally copying protected works including digitization and distribution of photographs or other graphic images or designs from any copyrighted source, or making available copies of such works. Observe copyright and licensing agreements that may apply when downloading files, documents and software and when sending or forwarding email, with or without attachments.
  • Observe all local, state and federal laws and existing Gamma Sigma Sigma standards, policies and regulations regarding publishing of Gamma Sigma Sigma materials. Be accountable for all information that you post on a personal website/homepage that is available to the public using the World Wide Web, gopher, FTP, or other Internet information access functions, including information obtained through hyperlinks to externally stored information.
  • Adherence to all policies regarding the use of Gamma Sigma Sigma’s marks is required.
  • Do not send or post messages that contain abusive or objectionable language, that defame, libel or harass others, or that infringe the privacy rights of others. Refrain from making comments and/or using images that would offend on the basis of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, or disability.

Violation of any of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action for one or more individuals or for the chapter.

Additional Guidelines for National Officers

Gamma Sigma Sigma business is often of a sensitive and/or confidential nature. The utmost caution must be used in sending this type of information electronically.

Officers are expected to check their email regularly. If you will be unavailable for a period of time be sure to let your department head/immediate supervisor know in advance.

While some email may not require a response, it is ordinarily expected that a reply be sent within 4 days. Be sure to copy other department heads and national officers as needed.

(Be aware that some situations will require IMMEDIATE TURN AROUND!)

Be sure you understand your email application. Sometimes when you reply to a message the reply also contains the original document contents. When copying multiple people, you may be sending more information than you want to share with everyone. For maximum security create a new document for your response.

  • Be cautious in sending attachments. Not all email software handles attachments and often it is difficult to open an attachment if you do not have the same program and version as the sender.
  • Sign your email; this is particularly important if you forward a message that was sent to you from someone else.
  • Some programs will alert you when a message has been received. This may be useful if you are sending a particularly important or time sensitive document/message,
  • Find out from your department head what you may and may not transmit via email.
  • Make a hard copy of any important information. A virus or brown out or a variety of other situations can cause you to lose files/programs.

If you are using email at work, be aware that a systems administrator or another authorized individual could be monitoring your email – do not jeopardize your employment by using office equipment for Sigma business. Frequent deletion of email files is recommended. When necessary a hard copy should be generated and filed for a permanent record. Be aware that saved email is very difficult to delete from some systems. Even after you have deleted a specific email there are often hidden files that also contain the same message