District 9 Spirit Day

Step 1: Fill Out Registration Form

Step 2: Pay Registration Fee

Spirit Day Agenda

9:00am-9:30am Registration/Breakfast
9:15am- Welcome and Introductions
9:30am- Gamma Games Scavenger Hunt
11:00am- Restroom break/Snacks
11:15am-Service Project
12:30pm- Lunch/Mingle
1:30pm- Chant-Song (30mins)/Stroll (30mins) Instruction
2:30pm- Gamma Games Minute to Win It
3:30pm- Restroom Break/Snacks
3:45pm- I know my sister/sorority better because…(hour of dialogue and wisdom imparting)
4:45pm- Go Noodle Break
5:00pm- Let’s Talk Convention!! The journey to NEW ORLEANS!!
5:30pm- Farwells/*Prayers for safe travels

*For anyone who is interested