SIGnature Service Program

Gamma Sigma Sigma’s SIGnature Service Program is a service initiative designed to promote creative and Impactful service in an effort to bring systematic changes to our schools, our communities, our nation, and our world!  There are two components of the SIGnature Service Program:

SIGnature Saturdays
These Saturdays are designed to create a greater IMPACT across the country by having all chapters and AAL join together for one common cause and to intentionally bring awareness of this cause to as many media.

Click HERE for more information on SIGnature Saturdays.

SIGnature Service Weekends
These are inter-chapter service weekends that focus on addressing a specific need in the community and working with a community partner to do so. The original idea was to also make it an educational weekend for chapters to learn about different communities.

Click HERE for more information on SIGnature Service Weekends.