Serve 100

Let’s make it to 100 together. For the calendar year, all members are encouraged to participate in Serve 100, a challenge for Gamma Sigma Sigma members to volunteer 100 hours of service during the year.

Why participate?

Gamma Sigma Sigma was founded on the purpose of providing service to humanity, and for six decades members have given back to through service with their campuses and communities. Serve 100 brings members together no matter the location or membership status to continue in the spirit of service.

Who can participate?

Any member of Gamma Sigma Sigma can participate in the Serve 100 challenge. This includes collegiate members, alumni members, and alumni‐at‐large.

Member-­in‐training hours can count for any member activated by December 31st. Multiple members cannot combine hours.

How do you participate?

Whenever you volunteer this year, simply complete the Individual Service Hour verification form, and get it signed by the organization that you serve with or donate to. If a signature is not available, contact information for the organization is acceptable. Then,submit the verification forms along with a report of hours by January 31st  These forms can be found in the Members Only Section on the Forms page. You can also submit your hours online on the Serve 100 submission page.

What are the benefits of participating in the challenge? 

All members participating in Serve 100 will be entered into a drawing to win $250 toward a nonprofit organization of their choice. All members who participate and submit a report of 100 hours will be recognized at the National Convention for their service.

For more information, contact the National Service Director at