Service Assistance Program


for Project I.M.P.A.C.T. Projects
SAP Application in Word | SAP Application in PDF

The Service Assistance Program (SAP) provides financial assistance to chapters and colonies to support their service efforts in Project I.M.P.A.C.T. areas. Chapters/colonies must complete an application. Then, the National Service Director approves applications based on funding allocated for the Service Assistance Program.

Who can apply for funding?
Collegiate and alumni chapters and colonies in good standing are eligible to submit an application.
What are the funding amounts?
Amounts are usually awarded from $50 – $250; however, there is no minimum or maximum request amount.
How the funding can be used?

  • Supplies, materials, and publicity for events that benefit a nonprofit or charitable cause.
  • Travel expenses to volunteer with a charitable organization.
  • Supplies, materials, or publicity to create awareness that benefits a nonprofit or charitable cause.
  • Supplies or materials needed to actively participate in a service endeavor that benefits a nonprofit or charitable cause.

What is required of chapters and colonies?

  • Completed application submitted to
  • Completed Project Evaluation submitted within 30 days after the project
  • Two photos submitted after the project
  • Refund of money within 30 days if the project is not implemented by the proposed date. 

The deadlines for applications are November 1 and April 1.
Allow 3-4 week for funding decision and award.
Determination of funding:
The National Service Director will determine funding by taking into account the information detailed in the application, service goals, and availability of funds requested.

Contact: For more information, contact