Special Membership Awards

Anniversary Certificates 

Certificates are presented to chapters celebrating anniversaries, in increments of five years, at Convention.

50 Years of Service Award 
This award will be presented to any member of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority who is celebrating 50 years of membership and is still active in any status within the organization. Nominations for this award shall be submitted to the National President by February 15th of the Convention year. Solicitation for this award shall be as follows: The Alumni Director shall send a letter to all alumni chapters asking for any member within the chapter that is celebrating a 50 year anniversary. All attempts will be made to contact any alumni-at-large celebrating the anniversary that have correct and contactable contact information in the Database. A certificate shall be awarded at the National Convention.

Convention Mileage Award 

This award is presented at Convention recognizing the chapter that has traveled the longest distance. It is calculated by multiplying the number of miles from the home airport by the number of members in the chapter who attend convention. This award is recognized with first, second, and third place for both collegiate and alumni.

District Recognition Certificates 

In recognition of special contributions to district affairs or achievements in chapter activities, District Directors may present certificates to members. Recipients are determined by District Directors.

Expansion/Reactivation Certificates 

In recognition of special contributions to the sorority, in reactivation or colonization activities, certificates may be presented to individual members or chapters. Recipients are determined by members of the National Board of Directors.

Inter-Chapter Relations Award (Retired in 1981; Restarted in 2011) 

Inter-Chapter Relations Award recognizes one or more inter-chapter activities or projects and all chapters/colonies involved. Self-nominations are encouraged. District Directors and other chapters and members are encouraged to make nominations. A max of two chapter/colonies will be selected per District.

The Spirit of Gamma Sig Awards 

The Spirit of Gamma Sig Awards were established to recognize unique accomplishments of chapters which exemplify the spirit of the organization. Examples of items for consideration could include a large increase in membership, aid in expansion or reactivation, a large number in attendance at a conference, overcoming a great problem, significant aid to their college, or aid to other organizations. Chapters are nominated by a member of the National Board of Directors and nominees are voted on by the National Board of Directors. All three of the chapters are equally awarded, receiving a certificate and Spirit Stick.

For more information, see The Staff-Awards.