Hazing Investigation Procedure

Reports of possible hazing should be made by filling out an Incident Report on gammasigmasigma.org/members/hazing.
The following members of Gamma Sigma Sigma are considered mandatory reporters of suspected hazing behavior:
  • All elected officers of the National Board of Directors
  • All National Staff members
  • Chapter Consultants
  • Chapter Presidents, Service Vice Presidents, Membership Vice Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers
  • Chapter Advisors (including non-members)

Failure of these members to report suspected hazing behavior of which they are aware will result in disciplinary action, which may include removal from their position, probation, or expulsion from the sorority.

All members of Gamma Sigma Sigma, friends, and family members are encouraged to report any behavior that they suspect is in violation of the Gamma Sigma Sigma Standard Policy of Hazing Prevention and Investigation.

When a member of the National Board of Directors receives a report of alleged hazing behavior, that individual must follow this procedure:

  • Complete an incident report at gammasigmasigma.org/members/hazing
  • Immediately notify the National President, National Vice President, and the appropriate District Director/Alumni Director/Membership Director who oversees the chapter, colony, or area(s) involved

Initial Investigation

Once an initial report is received the National President shall notify the National Board of Directors within 24 hours.  Should the report warrant an investigation, the individuals/colony/chapter being investigated shall be notified in writing by the National President as soon as possible.

Investigative Interviews

Investigative interviews should be held with all individuals involved in an alleged incident or situation prior to determination of responsibility in the case. Based on the situation, investigative interviews may be conducted individually or in small groups. Investigative interviews should follow the script in Appendix A of this document. In a case in which an individual has been allegedly harmed by another individual, those two parties should not be interviewed together, as that may cause re-victimization and further harm.

Findings and Resolutions Report

The Investigating Officers will compile a Findings and Resolutions report within seven (7) calendar days of completion of the investigation. This report includes the information gathered during the investigation, findings of responsibility, as well as recommended sanctions. This report should follow the format outlined in Appendix B of this document. This report shall be submitted to the National President.

Board Review

Once the Findings and Resolutions Report is received by the National President, it shall be distributed to the National Board of Directors and voted on for approval within seven (7) calendar days. The NBD will vote to approve or deny the findings of responsibility and the recommended sanctions.


The chapter/colony and individuals involved will be notified of the findings of responsibility and approved sanctions in writing by the National President.


Individual members or colonies/chapters have the ability to appeal the decision in writing to the National President within 14 days.  If unsatisfied with the resolution, a final appeal may be filed within 14 days to the National Appeals Board.