Alumni Membership

The alumni program of Gamma Sigma Sigma offers opportunities for continued service and membership beyond graduation or honorable separation from our collegiate chapters.  The lifetime commitment to our ideals of service and friendship are available to our alumni through affiliation with an alumni chapter or colony or as an alumni-at-large.  Auxiliary membership is available for individuals who were not able to join our sorority while in college who share our ideals and wish to join an alumni chapter in their area.

If you are interested in the Virtual Alumni Group, please contact the Alumni Director.

Alumni Membership Opportunities:

Alumni: All members of the sorority who have graduated, transferred or been otherwise honorably separated from their university of college and chapter regardless of affiliation with an alumni chapter or colony. 

Alumni at Large: Specific designation for alumni members that are not affiliated with an alumni chapter or colony.

Auxiliary: Members who did not join during their collegiate tenure, or attending an institution in which there was no active chapter, who have joined an alumni chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma.

For more information, please contact the National Alumni Director.

AAL are not required to pay dues, however donations are accepted.

Please contact the Webmaster at,  if you do not have access to the members only section of the website to pay dues.  If you wish to make a donation please contact the National Treasurer at