2017-2019 National Board of Directors

NOTE:  These addresses are to be used for Gamma Sigma Sigma business only!

National President: Katy Haynes Owen, Gamma Kappa – University of Tennessee
You can ask me about:

  • Governing the Sorority
  • Enforcing the bylaws
  • Hazing alligations/investigations
  • Board Operations
  • Staff Positions
  • President’s Report

Vice President: Renata Porterfield, Epsilon Lambda – Alabama State University
You can ask me about:

  • SPEC Committee
  • Committee Involvement
  • Presiding in the National President’s absence

Service Director: Joyce Brooks, Zeta Iota – Prairie View A&M University
You can ask me about:

  • Service programs
  • Service partners
  • Project IMPACT
  • Service Reports

Treasurer: Nichole Griffin, Zeta Iota – Prairie View A&M University
You can ask me about:

  • Serving as the National Treasurer
  • Formulating budgets
  • Finance Committee
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Rosters
  • Financial Obligations

Membership Director: Precious Cristwell, Eta Beta – Francis Marion University
You can ask me about:

  • Creating a collegiate colony
  • Chartering a chapter
  • Member growth and retention

Alumni Director: Sharon Brice, Zeta Pi – Texas Southern University
You can ask me about:

  • Supervising all alumni chapters
  • Creating an alumni colony
  • Alumni involvement and recruitment
  • Auxiliary Membership

Program Director: Jenna Hershelman, Zeta Nu – Slippery Rock University
You can ask me about:

  • Leadership Conferences
  • Omicron Scholar Program
  • National Intern Program
  • Training Workshops

Marketing Director: Anna Romness
You can ask me about:

  • Marketing ideas
  • Trademarks and licensing
  • Becoming a licensed vendor

District 1 Director: Keli Connor, Epsilon Zeta – University of North Carolina at Greensboro
District 2 Director: Cristal Johnson, Zeta Iota –  Prairie View A&M University
District 3 Director: Samantha Del Verne, Beta Psi – Indiana University of PA
District 4 Director: Alexa Smarr, Epsilon Beta – Clemson University
District 5 Director: Shea Feagin, Chi – University of Georgia
District 6 Director: Chiquita Harville, Epsilon Lambda – Alabama State University
District 7 Director: Lynne Covington, Eta Theta – University of Central Florida
District 8 Director: Mary Price, Eta Pi – Gannon University
District 9 Director: Charna Fagan, Epsilon Nu – Bethune-Cookman University
You can ask us about:

  • Collegiate chapter operations
  • Effective meeting strategy
  • Completing reports
  • Probation policies
  • Hazing policies