34th NBD Candidates

During Gamma Sigma Sigma’s National Convention, delegates will elect the 34th National Board of Directors. Below are the candidates slated for each position. Click here to view the candidate advertisements.

President – Renata Porterfield
Vice President – Sharon Brice
Treasurer – Alexa Smarr
Service Director – Lauren Virdure
Membership Director – Ebony Thomas
Alumni Director – Celeste McNeil-Okonkwo and Lynne Williams
Marketing Director – Chiquita Harville
Program Director – Cristal Johnson and Renata Porterfield
District 1 Director – Mary Price
District 2 Director – Genna Miller
District 3 Director – Anna Zizak
District 4 Director – Brandy DuBois
District 5 Director – Meredith Gray
District 6 Director – Meredith Gray
District 7 Director – Meredith Gray
District 8 Director – Lynne Williams
District 9 Director – Kristy Fitzpatrick