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Meals at Convention
We invite you to come Taste the city with your very own GSS Visa Gift Card. We have innovated meal selections in the Big Easy by empowering you to roam the city and try the native cuisine of New Orleans. You choose what you want to eat, as well as, where you plan to dine using your personal GSS Visa Gift Card.

Convention Registration Travel Pool
Each Active Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma has contributed to Travel Pool for the purpose of sending two Voting Delegates to National Convention.

That means that the registration cost for those two individuals is paid for already. The two that you send can be whoever the chapter designates as your voting delegates. Such as, your president and vice president, your secretary and treasurer or whoever is available to go to convention that year. You could even make it an incentive for members to do more service in your chapter to win the two coveted spots. So that whoever has the most service hours accrued that year wins the prize of going to convention. The choice is yours!

As a result, all that is needed for those two lucky people is the cost of the car/bus ride, train or flight to get to Convention. Start saving up now. We hope to see every chapter represented at the 34th National Convention.