2017-2019 National Board Candidates

The following members are running for a position on the 2017-2019 National Board of Directors:

President- Katy Haynes Owen, Ph.D (Slated)

Vice President-


Service Director-

Membership Director- Precious Cristwell (Slated)

Alumni Director- Sharon Brice (Slated)

Marketing Director-

Program Director- Jenna Hershelman (Slated)

District I Director-

District 2 Director- Cristal Johnson (Slated)

District 3 Director- Samantha Del Verne (Slated)

District 4 Director- Samantha Roffman (Slated)

District 5 Director-

District 6 Director-  Chiquita Harville  (Slated)

District 7 Director- Jennifer Lynne Covington (Slated)

District 8 Director-

District 9 Director- Renata Porterfield (Slated)

This page will be updated as members indicated intention to run from the floor.  For information on running from the convention floor please click HERE.